My name is Victor Singaevskiy (in some places, people know me under the nickname Piligrim or P1119r1m).
As a child, I started to get involved in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The first electronic device (which I was able to assemble) was multivibrator (tone generator, if anyone thought of sinful :). Next came different receivers, transmitters, amplifiers, logic devices, antennas, etc In between studying and electronics I studied music and sports. In general, nothing special, normal childhood of ordinary schoolboy.

The next stage in my life was learning in higher school. Clearly I did chose engineering specialty. I have successfully entered into the National Aviation University (which is in Ukraine, Kyiv city), specialty “Radiotechnics”. Pants had to wipe the 5 and a half years. Why did wipe? – You ask. Right because the current curriculum of higher education institutions is outdated, and instead of a large, systematic volume of information we obtain a large amount of “extra large”, “not very systematic” and “not very information”… It is really sad! But do not let the bad… Student years were spent in close contact with microprocessors, signal processing and programming (thanks to additional job with part-time employment). In those times, I realized that being an engineer is not so much to learn a few phrases from books, but learn how to use knowledge from them in practice. The main thing I was able to get from the university (and of course from the school) is how you can educate themselves (the method of “try Googling”, joke). I successfully defended my master’s degree on the topic: “Registration and processing technology of the sound range signals” (speech recognition). Graduated with honors.

After studying (and sometimes during it) I had to work. Last place of my work it’s a big company where I work up to the date of this post handling “Leading Software Engineer” position.

Not without the influence of open source projects, I realized that the things I know can be donated to other people who need it. We do not exist forever and always want to leave something behind us, do something good… On the background of these considerations, I decided to create a blog where I’ll lay out, in my humble opinion, useful information. Prior to this decision, I was lecturing posts at the following site.

P.S. Thank you to all the teachers (even those with whom I constantly quarreled ;), which met in my life’s journey! Special thanks to Artyom Sinitsyn for correcting me a huge number of eligible grammatical and syntax errors! Thanks to everyone who read to this line!:)