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I would like you to get the only positive impressions from reading, saw and felt. I hope at the moment, this resource has reached highest ranks in the top search engines. Just kidding!) Actually, I was not interested in such things (so far). Many people have forgotten about the enthusiasm and the return part of himself to favorite business. Yes, I really seriously keen on digital signal processing whether audio or video signals and the like at a certain point I realized that the information I have learned one way or another, I simply must share with the public. Immediately say about grammar… All linguists attending this resource are welcome to correct my spelling and grammatical errors. Although I would like to say that originally this site was intended to transmit useful (in my humble opinion) information. That’s all! Please love and favor!

What about objectives? They are diverse. Starting from “Article pseudo lessons” and finishing by “Frequently Asked Questions”. First of all, all of my actions will be aimed to the practical side of the signal processing and other topics. Peace and “Learn by teaching”!)